I'm Kim, your friendly, neighborhood teacher, and I'm on a mission to inspire a love of learning in all the families I connect with.
I help learners (of all ages) gain confidence in their reading and writing skills through explicit, research based instructional strategies. 
I also guide caregivers who want to systematically support the literacy development of their children, but are unsure of where to begin.
Wordy Birds is not your average tutoring company. Together we'll explore new ways to engage the whole family in the learning process.  
Let me show you what I mean :)


Orton Gillingham Tutoring

With a research based, multi modal framework that weaves together auditory, visual, and tactile-kinesthetic learning strategies, your student will take pride in their work and gain confidence in their reading and writing skills. 

Lessons are one on one, and specifically tailored to the individual needs of each student.

One on one tutoring will remain virtual through Spring 2022.

Literacy Consultations and Single Session Assessments

Are you a caregiver interested in systematically supporting the reading and writing development of your student, but find yourself unsure of where to begin?  In a 30-minute virtual meeting, you will have the opportunity to share about your child, their current ability levels, and areas that you are seeking support in.  I'll then be able to provide you with learning ideas, resources (if applicable), and suggestions for next steps.


On Demand Lesson Packs

If you’re a family who likes the flexibility of on demand lessons and you’re committed to working alongside your student, I've got something big in the works for you!